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Myvi & Bezza 1.3L Dyno Graph

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Max Racing perodua bezza intake dyno horsepowerMax Racing perodua bezza intake dyno torque

Increase 1.3L horsepower & torque to be like 1.5L (2NR-VE) performance with only one upgrade. No other modification or tuning required.

Dyno result indicator:

Myvi 1.5L Dyno Graph

Click to enlarge: max racing exhaust myvi intake system dyno resultmyvi gen 3 intake upgradedyno graph

Increase 1.5L (2NR-VE) performance up to 12.5 horsepower with only one upgrade. *No other modification or tuning required.

Dyno result indicator:

Modification of exhaust resonator and 3 muffler sound selection.

muffler product landing page

Maximized performance from stock to +19 horsepower on-wheel with an only simple modification of intake system & exhaust system.

By add-on one more Max Racing Exhaust MG3 extractor in the stage 2 system, you now successfully achieve the Stage 3 upgrade.

Stage 3 EXTRACTOR e1565592860248

Guarantee Performance Increase once the installation is done.

myvi 2018 dyno 19 hp

myvi 2018 dyno 29Nm

Dyno result indicator:

Exhaust piping sizes:

  • Myvi & Bezza 1.3L = Stock exhaust piping or 1-5/8″ (41mm)
  • Myvi 1.5L = 1-6/8″ (45mm)

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