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s flow twin

S Flow Universal Type (Oval Muffler)

One of the most common flow type in aftermarket exhaust muffler category. S flow muffler is designed for daily & city-drive usage which provide better pickup responses during low and mid rev operation.

The right spec able accumulate moderate amount of backpressure, enhancing throttle responses & mid range performance. But, over-packed backpressure may lead to lost of high rev performance; and loose flow pressure may cause poor pickup performance.

  • Reversible Design, can be in install in any custom setup without losing its fundamental characteristic.
  • Available in Center Muffler & Rear Muffler.
  • Enhance throttle responses & acceleration.
  • Comfortable with low noise.
s flow 1
S flow muffler

Naturally aspirated engine with auto/manual transmission:

  • Inlet 1.75″ → 1.0L (1000cc) to 1.6L (1600cc)
  • Inlet 2″      → 1.7L (1700cc) to 2.0L (2000cc)
  • Inlet 2.2″”  → 2.1L (2100cc) to 2.5L (2500cc)
  • Inlet 2.5″   → 2.6L (2600cc) to 2.8L (2800cc)

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