Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a Max Racing Performance product?

International users are encouraged to purchase our products directly from our official website to ensure the product quality and warranty are provided directly from our date of purchase.

if you are a Malaysian, you can directly order and install any of our product at any of our authorized dealers’ workshop around entire Malaysia.

Where did Max Racing Product manufactured? Is it a dropshipped china cheap product?

Definitely not. All our Max Racing products are proudly manufactured in Malaysia. Our product is fabricated from the raw material to product parts, assembled and lap-joint welded by our professional welder. With our brand philosophy:

Premium, Quality, Refine.

We ensure all our product is of Premium Quality that could be competitive enough in the market with such affordable product price. All our parts (internal & external) are fully lap joint welded to ensure long lasting rugged reliability even in the most extreme conditions.

How does Max Racing Exhaust compare to straight through mufflers?

Straight through mufflers are constructed using a perforated flow tube wrapped with either steel wool or fibre-glasses to simply absorb sound. This type of technology generally does the least in reducing sound, especially in the cab of the vehicle and cannot control drone. The packing materials can burn out fairly quickly resulting in a shortened life span and increasing sound levels both inside and outside the vehicle. The Max Racing Exhaust designs use the sound energy to cancel itself out and some products are using extreme high temperature material that could last over years. Therefore will maintain its sound control over the life of the product. Also, Max Racing Exhaust has models that are designed to specifically reduce or remove the interior drone from most applications, if desired by the customer.

How does Max Racing Exhaust sound like?

Max Racing Exhaust product are usually posted with sound clips which allow users to compare the sound with or without mufflers. The sound test was recorded using 2.0 L 3ZR-FE I4 (petrol) , 4×4 2.5 L 4D56l4-T(diesel) engine and more (with video attached to the product).

We used the same engine to compare the actual result of the muffler to deliver the best comparison result for users to select the best suit muffler.

I'm not sure which product should I go to, but I want to upgrade my vehicle

The sound of your exhaust is much like music; we all have different preferences so it’s important that the system be “tuned” to what you like. With the Max Racing Exhaust family of products we can help accomplish this by answering the questions below. This approach will allow you to choose the best product to suite your needs and expectations

1. What is the vehicle year, make, and model?
2. Which engine do you have or how much horsepower does it produce?
3. What is the vehicle used for? i.e.: daily driver, race, towing etc.
4. Preferred sound levels? (Silent? Moderate? sound-like-stock? Deep & loud?Aggressive?)
5. How are the space requirements?

How can I be sure that I'm buying Max Racing Exhaust product?

Max Racing Exhaust logo is welded and laser printed with serial number on every products. If it doesn’t say Max Racing Exhaust on it, it’s not authentic Max Racing Exhaust product. Buyer beware, Max Racing Exhaust knock-offs may look similar, but may not perform or sound the same, and often have higher defect rate with lower welded quality.

How to choose the best suitable exhaust pipes for my usage?

Choosing the proper diameter of the tubing for your exhaust system is as important as selecting the right muffler. Your tubing diameter choice will affect the sound level and performance characteristics of the muffler, but keep in mind that bigger is not always better. Using tubing that is too large can actually hinder exhaust scavenging by slowing the velocity of exhaust pulses in the tubing resulting in a loss of torque. And torque is what moves the car.

There are many variables that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the correct tubing size for your application,such as: engine technology (flat head engines vs 60’s engines vs present day engines) cubic inch, catalytic converters, head flow, vehicle weight, how the vehicle is driven and numerous others. Light to moderately modified street applications will generally use 2.5” and rarely some can use dual 3.00” tubing, again depending on the above named factors, sound desired etc. *We generally don’t encourage the use of dual 3” exhaust systems for just street use.

To learn more about choosing the right exhaust pipe, visit our page for more :

What material are used to build Max Racing Exhaust Mufflers?

Max Racing Exhaust products are fully MIG welded for internal baffles parts, and fully TIG welded for external parts. Our product are built with SUS 304L, SUS 201L and Aluminized Steel for durability and value of the product.

Is stainless steel, a better material for manufacturing exhaust products than aluminized steel?

Not necessarily, it really depends on where you live geographically and the vehicle application. Through years of field testing under street and racing conditions, we’ve found in many applications, aluminized steel is just as durable as stainless steel at a slightly reduced cost. If you live where road salt can come in contact with your vehicle on a regular basis, a stainless steel muffler is the right choice. For most racing and high performance applications where daily driver chores are not common, aluminized mufflers are a great choice to consider.

How do I reduce down the shipping cost?

By default, all shipping cost are calculate automatically based on the shipping parcel volumetric weight & it’s actual weight based on your delivery address. Our AI system will automatically assigned the best available shipping company into your cart. (with custom declaration services included)

Of course, when come to wholesale & retail business, shipping cost stand a big gap of margin, but how do we reduce them? The first kilogram are always charge higher, while following weight & charges increase reasonably.

Some may ask, what is the shipping formula Max Racing calculate?shpping formula

The rate will be calculate based on actual real time rate with discounts given by the courier company. Fuel surcharges, handling surcharges and custom declaration services included.

Where to install after purchase?

Almost all of our products can be install at any exhaust workshop with simple welding work. Air filters & air intake system can be install via “plug & play” using general tools.

If you’re in peninsular Malaysia, you may locate our authorized workshops for the installation services here

How long does it take to deliver my order?

Ready stock item will be process & ship out within 1 working day.

For item that are not ready in stock, (General item: 7-14 days / Special made item: 20-30 days) to schedule production + delivery time as selected shipping method.

*handcraft take time, please be patience.

Our team will contact you in advance if there’re special production period more than the above time frame.

Online Purchases

Online purchase is the purchase order created and completed from our official website (, official online store from third party website (example:, Lazada, Shopee, E Bay etc.) which stated in our warranty term & condition.

What is your international returns policy?

The return policy is quite straightforward for the items which are purchased directly from our Max Racing Exhaust official website, Shopee Store and Lazada Store.

Well, you can return any item within 30 days of purchase if it’s by us, and the product is in the perfect new condition without and any used/ installed sign.

To return an item, you’d have to contact our customer support/ services and follow the below three steps.

  • Pack the product into original packing
  • Attach and label the given address by our customer support and service to the package
  • Ship it back to us in:

You will require covering the return delivery fees, and our team will check the returned product before refund your previous payment. Your refund payment will only payback to the original payment method either by credit card, VISA, Mastercard, PayPal or direct bank transfer. Our team will never make any refund payment to ANY third party payment method or wallet which are different to the original paid method.

How can I find your international delivery policy

  • Prices are shown in MYR Malaysia ringgit. For conversion, we recommend using a Currency Converter.
  • Any import duties, taxes or brokerage fees due at the time of delivery are the sole responsibility of the receiving customer. Packing slips for International Shipments cannot be marked as a “gift” or with altered prices.
  • International Orders may require 3-5 business days or more of additional processing time prior to shipment as we may need to consolidate items to one location for shipment.
  • When “International Shipping” method is selected, orders will be shipped by a carrier of our choice (DHL). Typical transit time will be 3-5 business days.
  • A large/oversize product (>120cm) will be charged with Jumbo size delivery fees which are charged directly from DHL courier.
  • Some product may not be shipped to certain destinations due to manufacturer restrictions. If you have selected an item that cannot be shipped internationally we will inform you in the checkout process on our site. If you are visiting Malaysia we can ship any product to your hotel or any DHL store for pickup.

What should I do if my order hasn't been delivered yet?

If you had placed an order and our team do not provide you with any shipping/ tracking number within 7 working days, please do contact our customer service/ support and provide us with your ordered details:

  • Order number
  • Date of purchased
  • Purchased Product
  • Delivery address

Our customer support will do their best to assist you with all kinds of issues.

How can I get a new returns note?

Can’t find your returns note? Don’t worry, you can print a new one off from the attachments section. We have returns notes for several countries – if yours isn’t listed, you’ll need to select the ‘Rest of World’ returns note.

Just follow the instructions on the note, making sure you write down your order number. We’ll need these details to process your return. Once it’s all filled out, pop the note in your parcel with the items you are returning.

If your country isn’t listed, you’ll need to select the ‘Rest of World’ returns note, or if you’re returning from Europe, you’ll need the ‘Rest of Europe’ returns note.

I'm an international customer, have you received my returned items?

You will need to inform us of any returned item delivery, and the return note should always be attached together in the product packing. without this informations, our team will face an issue without knowing whose return item, the unknown returned refund payment shall never be made.

Product Delivery

Any purchased product will be process and delivery within 3 working days after payment confirmation unless some special custom made product will vary as shown in the custom-made quotation.

Product delivery method of an online purchase:

  • Within Malaysia: City-Link Courier service, usually arrive within 1 to 3 working day.
  • International: DHL international courier service, 1 to 6 working day with real-time tracking (optional), product price do not include any custom duty taxes, users are required to pay any all the custom payment by their own if he/she brought more than a certain limit of price. Please check your countries custom duty for lowest international item purchase from other countries.

What should I do if my order hasn't been delivered yet?

If you had placed an order and our team do not provide you with any shipping/ tracking number within 7 working days, please do contact our customer service/ support and provide us with your ordered details:

  • Order number
  • Date of purchased
  • Purchased Product
  • Delivery address

Our customer support will do their best to assist you with all kinds of issues.

I'm an international customer, have you received my returned items?

Please notify us and prove your return receipt to our customer services if you have apply for any return shipment. Our customer support will revert to you when your return shipment arrive to our site. It is encourage that the return shipment should be send  using courier that provide real-time update which allow both parties to track the parcel at any-time.

Product Registration

Why register my product?

All original purchasers of Max Racing exhaust systems can register their products in our database. The registration procedure is simple, and it lets all original purchasers of Max Racing exhaust systems register their products in just a few steps. Once registered, customers will have access to the dedicated Max Racing Customer Support Service. All customers that register their products will also be among the first to receive the latest news about Max Racing and its state-of-the-art innovative developments, plus all the information on future product launches, events, and the company’s racing involvement, along with other interesting news stories.

Who is eligible to register?

Products can be registered by any Max Racing exhaust system owner that is of legal age as applicable in their country of residence. Registration is only valid for original owners (first owners of each system).

How can I register?

Products can be registered by any current or new original owner of an Max Racing exhaust system by entering the product serial number and product code into the online registration form. On every exhaust system, the serial number is located on the muffler (below our Max Racing Logo). The product code is located on the product packaging.

Follow these step to register your product:

Step 1: Login your Max Racing account or Register your Max Racing account.

You are allow to create & login your account via any available social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Google+ by just click the icon. 😉

Step 2: Go to the Product Registration page

Fill up all required information and click “submit” below. All your submitted information will be confidential and will only use for warranty check-up. Our system will automatically send you an e-mail once you have done your registration.

*noted, all Max Racing Exhaust product info such as Product Code Number & Serial Number are printed on each individual product.
Product Code Number : Printed on a small pieces of sticker with bar-codes.
Serial Number : Usually Laser Printed below our brand’s logo in 9 digits.

Just 2 simple steps to claim for your +horsepower product’s warranty!  🔥🔥🔥

Which products can be registered?

Products eligible for registration are all Max Racing Exhaust aftermarket car or motorcycle exhaust systems produced on or after January 1, 2018, with a serial number laser printed on the system, which had not been registered before by the same or another user. Each user can register one or more Max Racing products, from either motorcycle or car range of products.