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Help! I’m Facing High Fuel Consumption After Modified! 

Questions from Encik Razak Moss from YouTube: If I had changed the Myvi Gen 3 4-1 Myvi Max Racing Exhaust header of yours, but noticed that the fuel consumption is quite high compared to when I used stock. But my exhaust system is still standard. What would you recommend to me. (This question is translated) […]

evo std td05 flange steel

Manifold, Extractor or Header

In most production engines, the manifold is an assembly designed to collect the exhaust gas from two or more cylinders into one pipe. Manifolds are often made of

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What is exhaust & Why it is important?

An exhaust system is usually piping used to guide reaction exhaust gases away from a controlled combustion inside an engine. The entire system …


Why We Choose to Upgrade Perodua Axia?

we received a lot of complaints & help regarding the lack of throttle responses of this vehicle, the issue happen every time he/she is trying to get in/out of junction, driving up sloppy junction and hills. Accidents happens & people died due to this issue

louvered baffler

Louvered Baffle

We are writing this article because there isn’t much manufacturer are truly explaining the actual different of baffle. These explanation are mostly shared by worldwide fans with their own experiences which are pare to our engineered theories.

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Perforated Baffle

Perforated baffle, typically a straight pipe with a lot of small holes. Usually being use in exhaust muffler that people called as the lowest air flow restrictions “silencer” or “core”.

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