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Zero Investment, Zero Inventory, Zero R&D Cost.

Max Racing Partnership O2O Program

Monetize your traffic. Content creators, influencers, publishers, businessmen etc. present or future, come on in!

With thousands of products available and easy-link-building tools at your fingertips, affiliates just need to direct their customers, followers & viewers to us and earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

Why should you join?

Why not? Doesn’t matter if you’re a social influencer or not. As long as you have a love for exhaust or love for managing your own business, why not earn from your passion?  All you need is a digital device & internet connection to access the website and you’re good! Share online or with your friends and earn when they purchase!



Traditional Business Management

  • Shops & rents
  • Factory Investment
  • Machinery & tools
  • Products R&D
  • Inventory Management
  • Packaging & Shipment
  • Human Resources Issues
  • Monthly cash flow maintenance

You as our brand affiliate

  • Internet connection
  • A digital device
Dealer Workshop

Over 70+ Max Racing Exhaust Authorised Dealers Distributed Around Malaysia, and we’re still expanding from time to time.

We ship door-to-door Worldwide using the best international couriers in their countries.

All shipping charges will be calculated automatically during checkout season once the full address is inserted. Whether you’re shipping the parcel to yourselves, your friends or your customers, we include the customs declaration services in every single order. With only 1 minimum order quantity (MOQ).

Support up to 23 payment gateways Globally with multilingual languages & currencies.

all payment gateway

Registration Form


By registering an account, you agree to have your personal information to be store in Max Racing International Sdn Bhd & to all T&C related. Don’t worry, we won’t spam.


Is there any member fee required?

No, it’s free to sign up as our partner. However, every Nation ID are only allowed to register one partner account.

*Please note that any registered account that has not been through ID verification will not able to claim his/her earned commission.

Who could join?

Literally anyone! Whether you’re a businessman, salesperson, exhaust lover, content creator, or shops interested in future dealerships, as long as you’re keen on earning extra incomes, everyone can join! 

Do I need to know about every single thing to start?

No, you don’t. We all have our own expertise in our own field, you just need to focus on what you do best, which is spreading the word, your love and trust for us and we’ll take care of the rest! Just remember to have them click on your link to purchase, our customer service personnel are here to help with any inquiries.

Rank & Structure

By default, the newly registered account will be starting at bronze rank, once you accumulate enough amount of sales, the rank level will be increased following by the total product sales achieved listed in your partnership account.

Rank from

Bronze > Silver > Gold > Platinum > Diamond

>Learn more about the Rank Structure here.

Account rank increased based on the total product sales, and will constantly accumulate for business growth.

  • Subjected to all individual, company, group, club & freelancer publishers.
  • In case if you think your company or personal profile should have a better rank offer, you may contact us here

How to verify my partnership account?

  • After registration, remember to send us a copy of your Nation ID Card (IC) through Facebook Messenger (Max Racing Exhaust)
  •  Example:
  • IC or Passport Copy
    • Remark :
      1. Registered ID: USER-ID
      2. Email Address:
      3. H/P Contact:  +60XX XXX XXXX
  • The team in charge will review shortly and verify your registration upon document received, each person is only allowed to register one account.
  • All information and documents submitted will be used only for informative verification without any other usage.

*Please be noted that any registered account that has not been through ID verification will not be able to claim his/her earned commission.

What is Lifetime Commission?

Lifetime commission is given to all ranks, once a newly registered customer is assigned to your account, you will receive an amount of commission for life from every successful online purchase from that customer, without limitation of devices as long as he or she log in to her account during any next successful purchased.

limited to only product cost, without including taxes & shipping costs.

How to generate your unique affiliate link

1. Generate a link to the Homepage

My Account > My Career Account > (Dashboard) > Marketing > Link & Sharing > Default Affiliate Link

Use this link as a generally refer link to the homepage

Link can be used for any posts, video materials, and shareable media without limitation.

You’ll earn a commission once any user purchases within 30 days of clicking on your link.


2. Generate a link to any Product

A blue toolbar will appear on top after you log in to your partnership account.

By clicking the “Referrer Links” under ‘Get Refer Link’ on the top left of the page, your affiliate link for this specific page will be generated automatically. 

Don’t know how to start?

After you’ve registered and verified your account, you can easily start by spreading the word to your fellow car-mod-loving friends about what max racing upgrade you or your friends have done, and your thoughts and opinions on the changes you’ve felt. 

Common channels to start off are in-person interactions, Posting pictures, videos, stories, blogs/vlogs & tweets/threads to Social Media Sites, exhaust enthusiast groups, etc. It’s all about your personal branding, people will follow along because they trust YOU! 

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Custom declaration service included.

International Warranty

Offered in the country of usage

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