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How to register your product warranty?

Do you know, all authentic Max Racing Exhaust products that comes with a serial number are available to register for your 1 year product warranty in our site; some even have 2.5 year warranty since the date of purchase? We always encourage users to register all their products from us, so that they won’t lost their consumer welfare that they had paid for.

Why register Max Racing Exhaust product?

Max Racing Exhaust encourages owners to register their product(s) on our official website.
All Max Racing Exhaust +horsepower products are cover with manufacturer warranty.
Once registration complete, owners are able to enjoy direct access to dedicated Max Racing Exhaust premium customer service.
All latest news, events, happenings, updates will deliver at first priority to every proud users of Max Racing Exhaust.
Until then, drive safe and stay +horsepower.

How to register your purchased product?

Step 1: Login your Max Racing account or Register your Max Racing account.

You are allow to create & login your account via any available social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Google+ by just click the icon above. 😉

Step 2: Visit our product registration page by clicking this button :

Fill up all required information and click “submit” below. All your submitted information will be confidential and will only use for warranty check-up. Our system will automatically send you an e-mail once you have done your registration.

*Noted:  All Max Racing Exhaust product info such as Product Code Number & Serial Number are printed on each individual product.

Product Code Number : Printed on a small pieces of sticker with bar-codes.
Serial Number : Usually Laser Printed below our brand’s logo in 7 digits.

Just 2 simple steps to claim for your +horsepower product’s warranty!  🔥🔥🔥

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