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Myvi Gen 3 Performance Heat Shield

RM 600.00

Just “Plug & Play” on Perodua Myvi Generation 3 1.3L & 1.5L to maximized the Max Racing intake performance with coldest air whenever you hit the fuel paddle.

Download installation guide here.

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heat shield 3 png

A truely PURE performance made from our in house RnD team. It was designed to maximize the performance of Max Racing Myvi Gen3 intake system, provides EXTRA cool air & horsepower gains in all rounded driving condition, Compatible for touge, track use, long distance highway and town cruising.

Feeding the COOLEST air as possible to your engine.

Max Racing performance heat shield comparison engine cover valve cover cold air intake
heat shield 4 pngg

Perodua Myvi Gen 3 1.3L
Perodua Myvi Gen 3 1.5L

Not suitable for Perodua Bezza and Perodua Axia.


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