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Exhaust for all kinds of 1.3 to 1.6

Over the time, there are several users asking us the similar questions after impressing by the exhaust sounds we designed.

Do you have for … Toyota Vios?

Do you have for … Honda City?

Do you have for … Proton Saga Blm?


Our answer is always YES. Any cars between 1.3L (1300cc) to 1.6L (1600cc) NA, whether you’re driving an auto or manual transmission, you are qualified to acquire your Max Racing Exhaust sound with no hassle.

↓↓Scroll down and start choosing the sound that attract your heart. ↓↓

[videopress 96c7ESVW]

Not all vehicle are suitable with this muffler, please lay down at the bottom of your vehicle and check whether there are enough space for this big S-Flow muffler. [products_mixed columns=”2″ orderby=”ID” order=”ASC” title=”Silent Sound with more pickup?” ids=”23618,24645″]

[videopress OSkl1MgY]

[products_mixed columns=”2″ orderby=”ID” order=”ASC” title=”Deep tone with more torque. Aggressive when revving” ids=”23618,24680″]

[videopress vhb2f7lt]

[products_mixed columns=”2″ orderby=”ID” order=”ASC” title=”Ready to start your Race at anytime?” ids=”23618,24647″]

[videopress 4FtVTFbj]

[products_mixed columns=”2″ orderby=”ID” order=”ASC” title=”Turn your beloved car into V6 Heart Catching Sound” ids=”23618,24683″]

Where can I install Max Racing Product?

      Do you ship to East Malaysia?

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      How long does it take to deliver the product?

      Basically, we start process every shipment immediately once we receive your order. Processing time + Delivery time all around the world are usually less than 7 working days.

      If you’re located in Peninsular Malaysia, well, your +horsepower will definitely delivered to your doorstep on the next day!

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