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How to Choose the suitable product?

Max Racing Exhaust offers a very wide varieties of Universal exhaust, both in exhaust resonators and exhaust muffler.

“But how do we choose the best suitable one?”

Custom type universal exhaust muffler is the most enjoyable game in car modification. Most commonly, the sound. Before we actually throw tons of money and time to learnt how to determine which specification is the most suitable to fit our vehicles, Max Racing Exhaust had simplified all the way for you to get the best dimension in only less than 5 minutes. How do we do that?!

By visiting our products page, if you’re not sure which product you actually want for, please focus on the “Product filter” located on the left side of your screen.


Select your preferable currency, price range, product categories and scroll down for the most important part.

You should be seeing the attribute of “Engine Capacity” & “Inlet Diameter“:


Engine Capacity: Select the right range of for your vehicle, as some products only designed for certain range vehicles.

Inlet diameter: (For Basic)

N.A (General) :
1.3L to 1.6L → 1.75″
1.6L to 2.0L → 2″
2.0L to 2.4L → 2.25″
2.4L to 2.8L → 2.5″
2.8L to 3.5L → 3″
Above here? consult our customer services for more info

Turbocharged (General):
1.0L to 1.3L → 1.75″
1.3L to 1.5L → 2″
1.5L to 2.0L → 2.5″
2.0L to 2.5L → 3″
Above here? consult our customer services for more info

For Car Expert  ←Click here

Each Max Racing Exhaust product are engineered with the best available technologies, they are suitable for Drag Race, Drift, Street use, Track Race, “Tauge”, etc. If you’re not sure with engineering, please contact our expert for your BEST +horsepower solution.

Why do we share all these info? Because, We Care.

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