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And they called this the Ultimate Street Weapon?

Find out how you can steal the secret strategy of professional tuner to upgrade your Myvi to the highest level possible so far, with simplest modification and maintenance, making your Myvi triple boosted, in the most affordable way. Please keep reading…

So, what’s the secret?

Myvi has been the most attractive and powerful young generation car ever in Malaysia market. It has surviving over 10 years and still counting. Youngsters are still considering it as their first car. It is true that a lot of owner enjoy it, and majority of it they said still lack of something, it can be much better.

Myvi 3 1

We did the study recently from Myvi owners and received messages like this…

“When I need the acceleration, sometimes the car response just really don’t listen to my leg.”

“This car will be perfect for me if the pick up can be more faster…”

“I tried a lot of modification, but my Myvi still not powerful, so I went back to original. Tired of modify it already.”

We have been an exhaust manufacture for 17 years, making hundreds of thousands of exhaust muffler and car performance modification to mass market, receiving these feedback from Myvi owners are our most concern challenge ever.

Then, we decided to make a REAL GAME CHANGER for the Myvi owners.

welding spark


With the name itself, clearly you can know what is the purpose of system stands for

This system is specially designed to equipped on your Myvi, including 1st and 2nd generation(Year make 2005-2017) at this point.

gen 1 gen 2

It is made with highly durable materials to meet our high quality standard. You don’t want to buy a cheap product and it only last for very short period of time and change another set, it is more expensive than you buy a good quality product that can last longer in long term.

With Max Racing Exhaust products, you don’t need to worry or doubt about how short the product can last you.

In case you don’t believe, watch this actual comparison video.

[videopress ez50ZpQJ]

We select the most suitable materials and outlook to fit with your daily weapon Myvi, in order for your car to look in much stronger than ever before.

This is the FIRST intake system in Malaysia which comes in High Quality Matte Black in the market.

Product 2

You’re not getting simply a black colour intake system only. In fact, with this special paint it prevent your intake system from drawing in hot air and could cause your engine not performing in its best performance.

With full set of Street Performance System, you will get:

  1. +horsepower Air Intake System

Product 1

This is always the most important appetiser in  Street Performance System to upgrade your car to the next level. With this, you can instantly be a happy boy that you never felt before.

It has been our best selling product ever since it launched. The first game changer machine you must get.

  1. Resonator

cyclone tech

You will want to BOOST up your car entire performance by swapping the resonator found originally. It doesn’t mean that original resonator is not good, with Max Racing Exhaust resonator, you will find your driving experience with your Myvi smoother than ever before. So you will love your car and enjoy driving it often. Trust us, small change makes big difference.


  1. Exhaust Muffler

5D4 0438

Every performance car shouldn’t be sound silent. At least, added bass. Right?

If you are a person who having family or lovely girlfriend, and doesn’t like noisy exhaust, go for M712-MY. It produces a deep bass tone, so it sound low profile and powerful car. They won’t notice you’ve done something to your car. 😉

[videopress 96c7ESVW]

If you aim for extreme performance which want your car to sound like a Subaru or a GTR, you definitely wanna try this V6 like rumbling sound. POWERFUL. Your twin-turbocharged-liked Myvi will gain a lot of attention on road, this is the most special sound ever we tuned on a Myvi.

[videopress BtiNkP1d]

When you simply equip an exhaust muffler in the market, most of them do not come with manufacturer warranty to back you up. This can be frustrating when unwanted breaks or spoil happen. Nobody wants that, man…

With our newly introduced Street Performance System, they come with 1 year manufacture warranty to fully cover your back. This is to make sure you can enjoy the powerful performance with ease of mind on the road. Take the horsepower and enjoy it to the most on the road, make sure take care of safety too. 🙂

With Max Racing Exhaust, we ensure you definitely will in love again with your Myvi. Because, we put every effort to make this system on your Myvi to gain the power she should had deserve. 🙂

If you want the BEST, take the full system.

This system is able to generate +10 HORSEPOWER for your Myvi Instantly. YES, TEN HORSEPOWER!

You heard it, With this EXTRA 10 HORSEPOWER, you can easily climb the famous Genting Highland,make cornering more fun than ever before, and reach to the hill top in shorter time.

Or if you are a highway cruiser, you definitely will love the pick up of your car to improve so much than before.

We had proof the results with pure dyno test, NO extra or hidden modifications made.

street performance dyno graft hp ps

If you think this system is ordinary for your hardcore daily driving style, we have something more special for you. → I WANT SOMETHING EVEN MORE POWERFUL.


Try the first GAME CHANGER if you can’t decide which to go yet. We promise 100% you will totally in love with it.

– Performance guarantee (You will find no other reason to take off this system)

– Gain up to 7 horsepower instantly with easy 15-minutes installation (Who doesn’t want it?)

– Built with high grade materials to last as long as your car

– Affordable maintenance with Max Racing Exhaust +horsepower air filter (Change every 20,000km/ 1 year)

PS: It is helpful for us to listen the joy and wonderful experience after you equipped our products.

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PPS: We can’t never guarantee your car gets the exact same results proven as it depends on your tuning on your Myvi. If your car is in factory settings condition, you probably will get the nearest result with us.

PPPS: With proper ECU tune, you may achieve better results than expected. If you wish to do so, please contact us directly to get professional tuned.

Still have questions? →→Talk with us now ←←. 

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