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louvered baffler

Louvered Baffle

We are writing this article because there isn’t much manufacturer are truly explaining the actual different of baffle. These explanation are mostly shared by worldwide fans with their own experiences which are pare to our engineered theories.

We all know that perforated baffle have the lowest air flow restriction & generate highest horsepower. On the opposite side, there’s a type of baffle designed to generate better pick up / throttle responses, which is known as the louvered baffle.

We can usually found louvered type baffle in aftermarket exhaust mufflers & resonator. Whether you’re looking at the Niche or Lowest rated exhaust product, the fundamental still goes to its engineering specification.

Design of louvered baffle allow partial of exhaust gases to trap in designated chamber.
• If there’s packed in chamber, exhaust sound may reduced depending on packed material characteristic.
• If the chamber is empty, the sound is going to be loud.

But why do people willing to sacrifice horsepower, instead of throttle response?
Nowadays, most vehicles are being drive as a “City Drive” transport. Instead of high revving, people seek for better comfortability from its response as the next traffic light might just a few meters away.

Summaries Benefits:

  • Better driving comfortability.
  • Able to trap more exhausted gases in designated chamber
  • Better exhaust sound frequency reduction (compare to perforated baffle)

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