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Why We Choose to Upgrade Perodua Axia?

In 2014~2018, we received a lot of complaints & helps as following:

“I tried to get into the junction, but the car ain’t moving forward when I stepped on the pedal, It was SO CLOSED until the car in front came near, then only my Axia move when it’s 2k rpm. Can you help me to solve this issue please?”

“Hello Max! I’m from Sabah, there’re a lot of hill that are killing my leg everyday I’m going out & back home! Could you do something for us to make my Axia more powerful?”

“I’m a sales executive, I had an Axia for my daily driving transport and need it to be on highway for longer period. Every time I’m driving on highway, I need more acceleration to pass the slow lorries in front. Sometimes, if there’s slope, it’s very challenging for me to go faster.”

rembau crash.transformed

What do we do then?

Owned it → Drive it → Feel it → Test it in depth → Countered The Main Issue

Stock Result:  bhp:66hp (Calculated) ; whp: 51.98hp (On-wheel)

axia 1kr de2
5D4 8120

Result After Upgrade :  whp: 58.78hp (On-wheel)

Overall Improvement: 6.8hp ; 4.95hp increased at 4.9k rpm ; 7.4hp increased at 6.4k rpm

Implemented: Instant Throttle Response Technology

axia gen 1 intake hp
axia gen 1 torque

The BEST & MOST POWERFUL air intake system for Perodua Axia.

  • Increase Overall Performance (horsepower & pick-up). Allowing INSTANT RESPONSE at any range of rpm.
  • SUPER FAST Pick up Response
  • Better Fuel Efficiency. More power with equivalent amount of petrol.
  • Suitable for any age drivers.
    *Peace of mind when driving a car that listen to our response at any moment.

Designed for all model between 2013 to 2016;
Engine: 1KR-DE2.

Designed for all model between 2017 to latest model;
Engine: 1KR-VE

*This system is designed to one step maximised the performance of Perodua Axia without any third party modification.


Testimonies :

Real testimony from Axia Owner Club Member, Shakiya Genji
Axia Owner, Exhaust Workshop Owner who had experiences in modifying Axia Gen1 for 3 years.
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IMG 0730
IMG 0751
IMG 8889

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