Myvi Street Performance (Full System)

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Gain up to +10HP with stage 2 upgrade system including Intake System, Resonator, Exhaust System.

Intake system: plug & play.
Exhaust resonator & muffler: weld-on.

Suggested pipe size for this upgrade package:

1.3L (K3-VE): 1-5/8″

1.5L (3SZ-VE): 1.75″

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Perodua Myvi & Alza Air Intake System Mk 2


Cyclone Tech Resonator

Best for city drive use

M455-MY Straight Flow Resonator

Longer size help further reduce the sound level.

M712-MY- Silent Exhaust Muffler for 1.3L ~ 1.6L


In stock

R108-MY S Flow Deep Tone Muffler for 1.3L to 1.6L


R500-MY G Flow Sport Muffler for 1.3L to 1.6L


R555-MY 5" Straight Flow Aggressive Muffler


M155-MY h-Box Type Twin Sport Muffler


Max Racing Forged Carbon Fiber Gold Tailpipe

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Street Performance System Gain up to +10HP with full set system including

  • Intake System
  • Resonator
  • Exhaust System

Upgrade your daily drive machine to another whole new LEVEL.

Dyno result: horsepower (+10hp) street performance dyno graft hp Dyno result: torque (+16Nm) street performance dyno graft torque

Street Performance System Playlist

This upgrade package is compatible for:

Perodua Myvi 2005 1.3L – K3-VE

Perodua Myvi 2006 1.3L – K3-VE

Perodua Myvi 2007 1.3L – K3-VE

Perodua Myvi 2008 1.3L – K3-VE

Perodua Myvi 2009 1.3L – K3-VE

Perodua Myvi 2010 1.3L – K3-VE

Perodua Myvi 2011 1.3L – K3-VE

Perodua Myvi 2011 1.3L – K3-VE

Perodua Myvi 2012 1.3L – K3-VE

Perodua Myvi 2013 1.3L – K3-VE

Perodua Myvi 2014 1.3L – K3-VE

Perodua Myvi 2015 1.3L – K3-VE

Perodua Myvi 2016 1.3L – K3-VE

Perodua Myvi 2017 1.3L – K3-VE


Perodua Myvi 2011 1.5L – 3SZ-VE

Perodua Myvi 2012 1.5L – 3SZ-VE

Perodua Myvi 2013 1.5L – 3SZ-VE

Perodua Myvi 2014 1.5L – 3SZ-VE

Perodua Myvi 2015 1.5L – 3SZ-VE

Perodua Myvi 2016 1.5L – 3SZ-VE

Perodua Myvi 2017 1.5L – 3SZ-VE

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• 20 years of expertise in performance car exhaust development, production and supply. Up to 7000+ models were developed for the different cars in every condition. Manufacturer-to-consumer shoppers get direct access to the most accurate information and support.

If you are looking for an exhaust resonator or muffler, we proudly say we have all flows, types & sizes that could support your car performance upgrade based on your personal preference.



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M712-MY, R108-MY, R500-MY, R500-MY RB3.5, R555-MY, M155-MY (Twin)

Myvi Generation

Gen 1 (2005 to 2010), Gen 2 (2011 to 2017)

Filter Color


Engine Capacity (Liter)

Engine Type

Flow Series

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Make Model Year
Perodua Myvi Gen 1
Perodua Myvi Gen 1 2005 - 2010
Perodua Myvi Gen 2
Perodua Myvi Gen 2 2011 - 2017