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Universal Glasspack Resonator

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Glasspack resonators are designed to provide horsepower with lower restriction which help reduce exhaust droning noises. The longer & larger body dimension tends to reduce more noise.



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Muffler Flow

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Glasspack resonator is present in almost every vehicles. It capture every single flow & reduce certain level of sound wave frequency during the air diffusion in the resonator. Max Racing Exhaust original high performance resonator with lowest restriction straight through design. Maximises horsepower with various sizes selection for almost all range of vehicles.

Features & Benefits:

  • Straight Thru Design.
  • 100% Welded Construction.
  • Coated in Metallic Color.
  • Reversible Design for Maximum Flexibility.
glasspack spec

* Larger & longer resonator size help further reduce sounds & noises.

N/A engine with auto/manual transmission:

  • Inlet 1.75″ → 1.0L to 1.6L
  • Inlet 2″      → 1.7L  to 2.0L
  • Inlet 2.2″”  → 2.1L  to 2.4L
  • Inlet 2.5″   → 2.5L  to 4.6L
  • Inlet 3″      → 4.6L  above.

Turbocharged engine with auto/manual transmission:

  • Inlet 1.75″ → 1.0L to 1.2L
  • Inlet 2″      → 1.3L to 1.6L
  • Inlet 2.2″   → 1.7L  to 1.9L
  • Inlet 2.5″   → 2.0L  to 3.5L
  • Inlet 3″      → 3.5L above or contact us.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  1. What is the different between the Perforated Baffle & Louvered Baffle?
    • Perforated Baffle is one of the most common baffle that can be found in almost every exhaust muffler and resonator, It is one of the lowest restriction air flow baffle that being use to reduce unwanted noise.
    • Louvered baffle is designed to allow more exhaust gases/flow into exhaust chamber, which would greatly reduce the exhaust noise and cancel unwanted sound frequency waves.

Why us?

20 years of expertise in performance car exhaust
development, production and supply.

Up to 6000+ model developed for different car in every condition.

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“And it’s guarantee authentic.”

  • – Gary Teo

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103 reviews for Universal Glasspack Resonator

  1. Ryker (verified owner)

    Good quality.

  2. Aishah (verified owner)

    Tq seller..pickup ada pertambahan..terbaek walaupun cuma tukar satu-satu sebab bajet

  3. Nolan (verified owner)

    friendly & responsible!

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