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Jerking Issue after installed Intake System – Solved

Did you ever hear some user who claimed using Max Racing intake system have car jerking issue? Some people claim that problem with car, problem with this or that. Then went back to car service center or general car mod shops and people said “problem with intake system” and asked you to buy other brands from their stores etc. (we understand some people turn “help” into business)

Max Racing intake system are designed for plug and play with highest performance gain. It can be easily DIY install in the house if you had the right tools ready. But, please make sure you follow Max Racing official installation instructions and guidance to avoid missing of any single step.

Brought yours at .. or to the workshop for installation ? (non-authorised by Max Racing)

Sometimes, experiences workshop who never read our guide do able to to install our products (major parts) easily. But sometimes if he or she never went through Max Racing Official installation guides, some golden key step will be missing, they might be 1 or 2 bracket or screws / small rubbers bush / the alignments / way to plug the specific part in / fitment issue etc.

* If you intend to let them installation , you can actually show them the installation guide just in case anything gone wrong. Sharing is caring, they won’t get wrong doubt on it.

Common Issue That Caused Jerking

We had encountered numerous of complains from users around the world, especially on Toyota Vios NCP151 and Toyota Yaris XP150 , there’s one golden key that pointed the installation of MAF sensor.


Any loose of part may caused air flow leakage, please ensure they’re completely fit in the designated sensor block & properly tighten for best performance and function.

Just in case if you are not sure how to solve them, please don’t hesitate to contact us on Facebook Live Chat through this link.

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