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Modifying? Where to START?

Car modification has become one of the popular hobbies/interests in our lives, whether at any age or gender. From the initial “appearance modification” to “car performance”, this is because we enjoy the moment of modifying our vehicles and to be the unique focus at any corner.

The Most Easiest way to Start is the Exhaust System.

Exhaust pipe modification has been known as the phenomenon of “change of exhaust system will become very noisy and chaotic”. Of course, some car owners understand that the correct modification of the exhaust pipe will not cause the noisy and chaotic issue and but also improve the vehicle’s performance.

In fact, why do we have to modify the exhaust pipe?

✔️ Improve car performance
✔️ Improve car response
✔️ Better fuel efficiency
✔️ Say goodbye to the problem of replacement due to damage in the short term
✔️ Make the car to have better appearance
✔️ Change the sound of the car
For example of different sound from the same car:

Interested? Ask us anything, Our Engineer will provide you the best solution as possible. Or comment below. ⇓⇓⇓

Does Max Racing Exhaust have any modification for my car?

Answer: Of course, we have thousands varieties of universal exhaust mufflers and resonators. Just ask our dealers and they can suggest or directly order the most suitable match! Or ask us directly what you want most!

I'm driving a Turbo Diesel car, do you have products for me?

Answer: Yes, here’s some selection available.

  1. LRB 6520
  2. 6527
  3. LRB 6531

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