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New Vios & Yaris Gen 3 (XP150) +19HP Ultimate Upgrade System

  • Myvi Gen 3 Stage 2 M155 MYh flow
    RM 510.00RM 520.00 Select options
  • M455 1
    RM 260.00RM 320.00 Select options
  • m110 my
    RM 450.00RM 480.00 Select options
  • R500 GROUPR500 RB
    RM 380.00RM 430.00 Select options
  • Vios Yaris intakemax racing vios intake system with engine cover cold air intake
    RM 830.00RM 930.00 Select options
  • Vios Yaris Ultimate System M155 MY 2DYNO GRAPH of toyota vios xp150 3rd gen 2NRFE vs MAX RACING exhaust intake upgrade torque
    From RM 2,170.00 Read more
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