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Why Max Racing Exhaust’s air filter is better?

Max Racing Exhaust air filters are specially designed to replace the traditional paper air filters and any aftermarket replacement air filters in your car’s intake.

Max Racing Exhaust air filters are designed and made from premium dry-type synthetic fibre cotton with engineered stitches, and densities and clamped with aluminium wire mesh for better airflow, allowing greater fuel saving and ensuring higher engine torque for faster and smoother acceleration. Max Racing Exhaust’s air filter also provides better filtration to keep the air clean for your engine!

Unlike other oil-type air filters, Max Racing Exhaust air filters do not need to apply any filter oils that may damage the air flow sensors, and most importantly, no additional cost to be spent on the special filter oil and spoilt sensors replacement.

Max Racing Exhaust air filters can be easily installed via a simple plug & play method and it will help you save maintenance costs in the long run as it is washable and reusable for up to 100,000km depending on the driving condition!

Recommended washing the air filter at every 5,000 – 10,000km mileage, depending on your driving condition. The cleaning kit can be acquired here

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