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What is the difference between normal air filter and washable type air filter?

Max Racing Exhaust air filters are designed to provide the best amount of cold airflow along with filtration abilities to ensure the best care for the engine life.

However, due to budget constraints requested by some consumers, Max Racing introduced two different types of air filters which the normal air filter and the washable type air filter.

🔴🔵 Normal air filter
Only need to replace a new filter every 1 year or 20,000km, whichever comes first, to maintain the best engine care and performance.


🔵 Premium Washable air filter & Replacement Air Filter
Can be cleaned up any time with just clean water and/or detergent. Simply rinse the dust away as you would with air conditioner filters and you’re good!

(Do let it dry before reinstalling back onto the intake system*)

If maintained nicely, the premium filter lifespan can last up to 50,000km for heavy-duty, and 100,000km for just daily use.

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