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What are the benefits of Max Racing Exhaust exhaust products compared to general straight-through mufflers?

General straight-through mufflers are constructed using a perforated flow tube wrapped with either steel wool or fiber glasses to simply absorb sound. This type of technology generally does the least infibrecing sound, especially in the cab of the vehicle and hardly reduces the noise of the exhaust drone. The packing materials can burn out fairly quickly resulting in a shortened life span and increasing sound levels both inside and outside the vehicle.

Unlike the straight-through mufflers, Max Racing Exhausts products are designed to high-quality glass fiber and a controlled amount of stainless steel wool to absorb sound wave to cancel the sound wave frequency. Plus, some Max Racing products even use extremely high-temperature durable material that could last for years. Therefore, enabling it to maintain its sound control ability over the shelf-life of the product.

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