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I’m not sure which product should I go to, but I want to upgrade my vehicle?

The sound of your exhaust is much like music; we all have different preferences so it’s important that the system be “tuned” to what you like.

In most exhaust upgrade packages, we will have one or more related video sound clips attached to the product page if there is any previous car owner who agreed to share his ride’s video.

Can’t find the sound you’re looking for?

With the Max Racing Exhaust family of products, we can help accomplish this by answering the questions below. This approach will allow you to choose the best product to suit your needs and expectations

  1. What is the vehicle’s year, make, and model?
  2. If there is any modification made before this, how much horsepower does she produce?
  3. What is the vehicle used for?
    (i.e.: daily driver, race, towing etc.)
  4. Preferred sound levels?
    (Silent/ Low deep bass/ Moderate sport sound/ Loud/ Very loud/ Valve controllable or video link if applicable.)

May send them to our Facebook live chat for a one-to-one personal consultation.

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