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How to wash Max Racing Exhaust’s washable type air filter?

To wash the Max Racing Exhaust’s washable type air filter, you will just need some simple tools such as screwdrivers for certain cars and an air filter cleaner.

Procedure to perform the wash:

  1. Dissemble the air filter.
  2. Wash it with clean water, make sure it’s wet
  3. Apply Max Racing special formulated air filter cleaner evenly at 1 spray every 3 cm with a distance of 5~10 cm between the air filter and air filter cleaner.
  4. Soak it for 5 minutes.
  5. Use clean water to wash away the air filter cleaner detergent.
  6. Let it dry under the sun or air blower.
    (avoid high-pressure air guns as they may damage the cotton density.)
  7. Re-install the air filter.

Max Racing Exhaust’s air filter cleaner is a specially formulated detergent and is a powerful cleanser that can break up dirt, oils, and grease from automotive air filters. It is stronger than any general soap or shampoo and dissolves more completely in water.

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