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How much does it cost for the shipping fee from Malaysia to USA? How about the currencies?

shipping cost from Malaysia to the USA, the actual real-time international shipping cost will be calculated automatically at the checkout page based on your delivery address. As for currencies, the amount with actual bank conversion will be shown during card 3D Secure validation. (If using credit/debit cards) To proceed using PayPal payment, the conversion rates […]

I want my parcel to be send to local workshop, but can I track my online order?

Yes, you can. Order tracking ID and notes will be updated in your purchased email address provided during order placement. Parcel movement will be based on the selected courier companies tracking system updates. Make sure to inform the workshop about the incoming parcel and remember to make a booking for the installation.

Will dealer workshop have everything ready to buy and install?

Max Racing Exhaust currently served more than ten thousand different models and specifications of exhaust products. Expecting the workshop to have everything might be challenging for them to ready. But, if you wish to request them to help order something that you actually want, you may Add the selected item list to the cart. Show […]

Can I use other brands filter on Max Racing Exhaust’s intake system?

Every manufacturer may have different specifications for their air filter products. For example, the K&N filters, BMC filters, Works etc, every brand’s technologies, flow rates, fitment and size may be different compared to Max Racing Exhaust’s. The performance, fuel consumption and filtered air cleanliness level will be different when the filter changes to other brand […]

I’m interested with the package, but if any single part I wish to remain using one or more part from the other brand I had purchased previously, will this affected my power gain?

You may construct your preferred product combination when on the product package’ pages. But keep in mind, any single difference of product or spec will directly cause power and sound to be changed differently, most of the time are lower than our expert recommended combination. Only the exact item is allowed in the upgrade system […]

Do Max Racing Exhaust ship to other countries?

The answer is YES. Max Racing Exhaust collaborate with FedEx Express & DHL Express for international parcel delivery, and coverage of 220 countries and territories around the globe. Door-to-door shipping costs will be calculated automatically based on your delivery address provided. Custom declaration services included. International Delivery courier service usually takes 1 to 7 working days […]

How to wash Max Racing Exhaust’s washable type air filter?

To wash the Max Racing Exhaust’s washable type air filter, you will just need some simple tools such as screwdrivers for certain cars and an air filter cleaner. Procedure to perform the wash: Dissemble the air filter. Wash it with clean water, make sure it’s wet Apply Max Racing special formulated air filter cleaner evenly […]

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