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Which resonator is better? Stainless Steel or Steel?

Someone says that the difference of stainless steel resonator will definitely better than steel resonator.

❓Because of higher price product brings better quality?
❓Because of stainless steel have better corrosion resistivity?
❓Some expert says steel is better because the stainless steel will crack?

What is the actual reason❔❔

As we can see here, Max Racing Exhaust had developed numerous resonators in both stainless steel and steel around the market . These designs are not coincidence, yet reasonable.

Stainless Steel do come up to have better corrosive resistance when we compare to steel. As we know, a high quality stainless steel resonator last for decades with no corrosive occur in certain environments, but the cost may be slightly higher when we compare steel resonator that have exactly same design.

But remember, when we revert back to the fundamental principle of exhaust resonator, a resonator is designed to resonator the engine sound, whilst to reduce unwanted frequency generated from the engine.

Comparing the exact same design, Steel resonator will generate deeper and lower sound level than stainless steel resonator. Because of the materials characteristics, this explained that the steel resonator is more suitable for daily drive without creating dronning and noisy exhaust sound.

Well, how about corrosion issue of steel resonator?

Max Racing Exhaust steel resonator are fabricated with multiple layers of anti corrosive coating, which allow our products to prolong its life span compare to other cheap or counterfeit steel resonator. But if comparing to others, we can’t guarantee any of them whether they provide this protection.

Does it mean Stainless Steel Resonator are not necessary?

It’s depend, sometimes, even when we applied multiple coating on our products, there are some possibility to happened accidents such as serious scratches through all those anti-corrosive layers which cause the corrosion to spread. In this case, stainless steel resonator is recommended.

As mentioned above, high-quality Stainless Steel allow your exhaust system to last for decades in certain environments.

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Normally, we encourage users to have a exhaust system check-up every two to three years if the vehicle is older than 5 years in Malaysia. 
(How to check?)
Usually, OEM and aftermarket exhaust are packed with steel wool or fiber glass pack which are consumables parts in the exhaust system.

Even the external cover of your exhaust is still looking good, the sound level of your exhaust will increase proportionally to the consumed amount of them.

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