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SPS vs US e1539435897490

Street Performance vs Ultimate System

Street Performance System

Ultimate System

Best for daily-driveMaximize Performance
Up to 10 hp (On-wheel)Up to 15 hp (On-wheel)
Up to 12 NmUp to 20 Nm
Sound Level
YouTube playlistYouTube playlist
What’s included
(1) Intake System(1) Intake System 
(2) Extractor: No Change Required(2) Extractor: 4-1 Stainless Steel
(3) Resonator: Cyclone Tech(3) Resonator: M455-MY
(4) Muffler (either one)(4) Muffler (either one)
(i) M712-MY(i) M712-MY
(ii) R108-MY(ii) R108-MY
(iii) R500-MY(iii) R500-MY
(iv) R555-MY(iv) R555-MY
street performance dyno graft hp ps

street performance dyno graft torque


ultimate system 20 Nm

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I purchase seperately?

Can this fit to my Myvi Generation 1 2005 to 2011 1.3L?

Answer: Yes, this system is designed for Myvi Generation one and two (2005 to 2017), from 1.3L to 1.5L, both auto & manual transmission.

Do I need to tune/ remap my Myvi after I install Max Racing Exhaust Ultimate System?

Answer: No, it will automatically reset after a few days of drive, no mapping required to achieve up to 15 hp upgrade.

I already remapped my Myvi, can I install Max Racing Exhaust Ultimate system too? How much hp will it gain?

Answer: Sure yes, If you had remapped it, you will get higher horsepower than 15, depending on your tuner skills, this will be higher stage upgrade challenges for Myvi, Sirion, Passo & Boon fans

I'm driving a Perodua Alza, and I want to install Max Racing Exhaust product to get 15 hp.

Answer: Sure, Perodua Alza is suitable to install this two system, including all kinds of muffler, you will get the actual similar performance upgrade as well as Myvi.

Why is it only Myvi? I'm not driving a Myvi, but I want to +horsepower too!

Answer: Our exhaust system are designed to be universal fit, which mean, most of the vehicle on the market with 1.3L to 1.5L NA engine are suitable to install them, only M712-MY muffler required our specialist to check if the muffler size could fit into your car. The others should be doing fine.

Terms & Conditions (T&C)

  • All price show in website do not included installation fees.
  • Every purchase from our official website ( will be issue an installation voucher which redeemable in every Max Racing Exhaust Authorised Dealer Workshops.
  • Each user will be award an extra free Max Racing Exhaust Performance filter if Full-set system is purchased in one single order through our official website.

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