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Do you ever heard of what is resonator?

In car circle, there are a lot of people talking about exhaust resonator. Is it a muffler? What exactly is it?

The resonator is a part of exhaust system, but it is not a muffler. It is sometimes know as pre-muffler because it is installed before the muffler and after catalytic convertor. Some vehicles may have them, but some don’t.

When to replace a bad or spoiled resonator?

There are two situations that would require you to replace or install a resonator.

(1) Not satisfied with original resonator?
Looking for aftermarket products that provide better performance and improvement that suit to your need.

(2) If your resonator has rusted, or spoiled and you’re trying to repair your exhaust system, wondering if it is worth the extra few money to replace it? Don’t keep waiting, changing a new good quality resonator will help you save more money for a longer of period of usage.
Ignoring it can really cause problem on the way your engine perform.

General theory of a resonator

“A resonator is designed as a part of your vehicle, main purpose – to reduce noise.
It’s sorts of an echo chamber for your car’s exhaust, reducing and changing all of the loud noise coming from your engine for the muffler to silence it. But there are far more science research to it than this simple single sentence.”

Can I make it quite by adding more resonator to my car?

Answer is always yes, or maybe no, depending on the exhaust system design.
Resonator are designed by several team of engineers to provide certain sounds and performance for each different vehicles. When it run into quieter, the less powerful and efficiency it becomes. But how about MAX RACING EXHAUST product? We tested and proven it on specific vehicles with proven result before they goes to marketing.

What if I want to remove my resonator and replace with straight pipe?

You will gain some level of performance, but it may not be the maximum. Also, you will lose the “quite sound” in your exhaust system.

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