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Instant power up your Proton X50 & Geely CoolRay 1.5L Turbo with 44 on-wheel horsepower & 76 Nm torque. Dyno was proven using the American DynoJet dynamometer.

Stock X50 PFI vs RaceChip GTS vs Max Racing Full SystemRaceChip GTS 44HpStock X50 PFI vs RaceChip GTS vs Max Racing Full SystemRaceChip GTS 76Nm

The dyno graph shows the full system upgrade including the Max Racing X50 intake system induction hoseMax Racing performance air filterexhaust turbo downpipefull cat-back exhaust system and RaceChip GTS for Proton X50.

The storyline of this development

The stock Proton X50 is the first turbocharged executive-style mini SUV with a companion of a 1.5L 3-cylinder turbocharged engine. The heavyweight body caused the car to lag & very delayed to engage most of the acceleration and response when the turbo boost is not fully engaged. This led people to modify the car’s performance to solve this issue.
Often time, most car owners and exhaust experts discussed and complained about the 3-cylinder frequency that they hardly reduced the sound level, drone and tone using a common/ universal product. Some may even face power loss issues.

This is why Max Racing Exhaust is the best solution

Max Racing Exhaust heard your though and we are here to provide you with the best solution for the sound and performance issue.
We developed a complete system from an air filter, intake induction hose pipe, and a whole upgraded exhaust system and collaborate with RaceChip to increase the efficiency of the car performance with just a simple plug-and-play method.
+44 horsepower on-wheel
+76Nm torque on the wheel
(Stock engine, stock wheels, stock ECU)
With the same amount of Petrol, and guarantees you have a more powerful drive and acceleration that assist you in driving easier.
  • Instantly gain in car response & performance with no other modification.
  • Easier to accelerate when going uphill and under any other conditions.
  • Better fuel efficiency.
  • Easy installation, no tuning/ setting required.
  • Engineered to deliver the best performance.
  • Extensively tested.
  • Built for daily street & city driving.

Proton X50 Max Racing Full upgrade system

Are you ready to unleash the full potential of your Proton X50? If you love your car and want to make it faster, louder, and more fun to drive, you need to check out our exclusive Proton X50 upgrades.

We have everything you need to transform your Proton X50 into a beast on the road:

Stage 1: Max Racing Exhaust Proton X50 air filter & induction hose:
– Improves your engine’s breathing and boosts your horsepower and torque.
– Made of durable and washable cotton gauze material.
– Fits perfectly in your factory air box and requires no modifications.
– Feed cool ambient air from the external environment,

Proton X50 Max Racing Exhaust drop in Air filter 5

Stage 2: Max Racing Exhaust Proton X50 Catback exhaust system:
– Delivers a deep and aggressive sound that will turn heads wherever you go
– Made of 304 stainless steel with mandrel-bent tubing and high-flow mufflers
– Features dual 3.5-inch tips with Max Racing Exhaust forged carbon fibre materials and gold edge designs.

Proton x50 geely coolray x50 catback exhaust system max racing exhaust 24

Stage 3: Max Racing Exhaust Proton X50 turbo downpipe:

– Reduces back pressure and enhances your turbo spool and response.
– Made of 304 stainless steel with TIG welding and polished finish.
– Includes all necessary hardware and gaskets for installation.Proton X50 Geely Coolray Geely Binyue 1.5 Turbo Max Racing Exhaust Turbo Downpipe 1

– Plug & play chips, simple, easy and can be reverted to stock condition anytime.
– Optimizes your engine’s performance and fuel efficiency with a simple touch of a button.
– Allows you to choose from six different driving modes to suit your mood and road conditions.


All of our products are made of high-quality materials and tested for performance and durability. They are easy to install and compatible with your Proton X50’s factory settings. Don’t miss this opportunity to upgrade your Proton X50 and enjoy a thrilling driving experience. Order now and get a special discount and free shipping. Plus, book an installation appointment with our certified technicians with special installation labour surcharges rates. Hurry, this offer is valid only for a limited time. Click the button below and order your Proton X50 upgrades today!

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