Toyota Vios NCP151 & Yaris XP150 (1NR-FE / 2NR-FE / 2NR-FBE) Intake System


Most powerful intake system designed for Vios (NCP151) & Yaris (XP150) with 1NR-FE & 2NR-FE engine.

“ECO mode Lag issue solved” & gain instant performance with just simple plug & play.

The dyno graph shows the full system upgrade including the intake system, exhaust header, Max Racing 4″ High Flow Catalytic Class A model, M455-MY with length of 15″ and 1.75″ inlet size & the selected muffler in this full system.

*no setting/tuning or third-party mod required from fully stock condition.

Normal air filter maintenance: Replace a new filter every 1 year or 20,000km

For the selection of Max Racing washable dry-type air filter. You can wash the filter using Max Racing air filter cleaner.

Washable air filter maintenance: Last 100,000km, recommended to wash every 8,000km – 10,000km or 1 year for best performance & care.

Replacement with Max Racing washable type air filter 118mm (2.5-inch inlet)

Toyota Vios NCP151 & Yaris XP150 (1NR-FE / 2NR-FE / 2NR-FBE) Intake System RM960.00RM1,060.00
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One of most important part from the system where you will gain up to 19 horsepower when you achieve full set ultimate system.

Red indicator: Completely New Stock Vios 1.5L (XP150) 2NR-FE 2019 Malaysia Model Blue Indicator: Stock Vios 1.5L (XP150) 2NR-FE 2019 Malaysia Model + Max Racing Exhaust Ultimate System only.

  • Completely stock (including tyre, rims, engine oil,

Tested via US Dynojet Dynamometers with proper calibration.

This car will need to upgrade full set system to gain up-to 19 horsepower. If there’s budget limit for you upgrade, you can actually separate them into 2 parts, which is:

      1. Intake System
      2. Full Exhaust System (Extractor, Hi-Flow Cat, Resonator, Muffler)

How to install

Vios Yaris XP150 intake system installation

This upgrade package is compatible for:

Toyota Vios 2017 1.5 2NR-FE

Toyota Vios 2018 1.5 2NR-FE

Toyota Vios 2019 1.5 2NR-FE

Toyota Vios 2020 1.5 2NR-FE

Toyota Vios 2021 1.5 2NR-FE

Toyota Vios 2022 1.5 2NR-FE

Toyota Vios 2023 1.5 2NR-FE

Toyota Vios 2017 1.5 2NR-FBE

Toyota Vios 2018 1.5 2NR-FBE

Toyota Vios 2019 1.5 2NR-FBE

Toyota Vios 2020 1.5 2NR-FBE

Toyota Vios 2021 1.5 2NR-FBE

Toyota Vios 2022 1.5 2NR-FBE

Toyota Vios 2023 1.5 2NR-FBE

Toyota Vios 2017 1.3 1NR-FE

Toyota Vios 2018 1.3 1NR-FE

Toyota Vios 2019 1.3 1NR-FE

Toyota Vios 2020 1.3 1NR-FE

Toyota Vios 2021 1.3 1NR-FE

Toyota Vios 2022 1.3 1NR-FE

Toyota Vios 2023 1.3 1NR-FE

Toyota Yaris 2017 1.5 2NR-FE

Toyota Yaris 2018 1.5 2NR-FE

Toyota Yaris 2019 1.5 2NR-FE

Toyota Yaris 2020 1.5 2NR-FE

Toyota Yaris 2021 1.5 2NR-FE

Toyota Yaris 2022 1.5 2NR-FE

Toyota Yaris 2023 1.5 2NR-FE

Toyota Yaris 2017 1.5 2NR-FBE

Toyota Yaris 2018 1.5 2NR-FBE

Toyota Yaris 2019 1.5 2NR-FBE

Toyota Yaris 2020 1.5 2NR-FBE

Toyota Yaris 2021 1.5 2NR-FBE

Toyota Yaris 2022 1.5 2NR-FBE

Toyota Yaris 2023 1.5 2NR-FBE

Toyota Yaris 2017 1.3 1NR-FE

Toyota Yaris 2018 1.3 1NR-FE

Toyota Yaris 2019 1.3 1NR-FE

Toyota Yaris 2020 1.3 1NR-FE

Toyota Yaris 2021 1.3 1NR-FE

Toyota Yaris 2022 1.3 1NR-FE

Toyota Yaris 2023 1.3 1NR-FE

Do I need to remap / tune / upgrade my ECU ?

*Not required if your current ECU is at stock setting. If you wish to further remap / tune / upgrade the ECU, that will be consider as third party mod. Which there will be possibility to gain more horsepower than +19hp.

Air Filter Maintenance

For air filter maintenance ( 1 year or 25,000km which ever comes first ) Air filter product link:

Why us?

• 20 years of expertise in performance car exhaust development, production and supply.

Up to 7000+ models were developed for the different cars in every condition.

Manufacturer-to-consumer shoppers get direct access to the most accurate information and support.

If you are looking for an exhaust resonator or muffler, we proudly say we have all flows, types & sizes that could support your car performance upgrade based on your personal preference.



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1.3L (1NR-FE), 1.5L (2NR-FE & 2NR-FBE), 1.3L (1NR-FE) MT, 1.5L (2NR-FE & 2NR-FBE) MT

Make Model Year
Toyota Vios 3rd Gen Facelift 2017 - 2023
Toyota Yaris 3rd Gen Facelift 2017 - 2023