Max Racing Stainless Steel Crossover X Pipe – Fully Welded & Polished

RM 200.00

2.5″ Inlet/Outlet Crossover X Pipe, Universal Fitment

Inlet/Outlet: 2.5″ ID
Total Width: 7″
Total Length: 12″

  • The Max Racing Crossover X Pipe unlocks more power and flow from your pipes
  • Special curve angle enhances exhaust flow, encouraging scavenging and boosting horsepower
  • Crafted from 304 series stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance
  • Max Racing X Pipe also reduces unwanted noise with its subtle exhaust angles
  • Encourages better balance between cylinder banks
  • The Max Racing X-Pipe features weld-on installation in place of your stock H-pipe crossover section
  • 2.5″ inlet diameter

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Why X-pipe?

X-pipe will deliver a more high-pitched exhaust note, making a car sound more exotic, whereas an H-pipe gives a deeper tone with more of a traditional hot rod sound.

The X-pipe will usually make anywhere from two to four more horsepower than an H-pipe. The slight horsepower difference comes from the way the X-pipe creates a venturi effect, which helps pull the exhaust gases out of the cylinder faster.

H-pipe the exhaust has to make a sharp 90-degree turn, while the X-pipe offers a smoother transition. The X-pipe creates much more of a scavenging effect.


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