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The only muffler that turn your love car into V6 sound. The Best Selling Straight Flow Muffler, suitable for almost all vehicles.


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R555 MY CH


⋆ Powerful performance tuning

⋆ Deep tone and very aggressive hardcore sound like V6 rumble

⋆ Performance guarantee

Recommended Inlet Sizes:

N/A engine with both automatic and manual transmission:

  • Inlet 2″     → 1.3L (1300cc) to 1.6L(1600cc)
  • Inlet 2.25″ → 1.7L (1700cc) to 1.8L(1800cc)
  • Inlet 2.5″   → 1.9L (1900cc) to 2.4L(2400cc)
  • above or contact us

Turbo Diesel & Turbocharged engines with both automatic and manual transmission are encourage to use:

  • Inlet 2″     → 1.0L (1000cc) to 1.3L (1300cc)
  • Inlet 2.25″ → 1.3L (1300cc) to 1.6L (1800cc)
  • Inlet 2.5″   → 1.7L (1800cc) to 2.0L (2000cc)
  • above or contact us


***This system comes with 1 year product manufacturer warranty and also provides installation voucher for your installation rebate when you visit any of our authorized dealer/ workshop.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 55 × 14.4 × 14.4 cm

Center Muffler, Rear Muffler


Stainless Steel

Body Size

Round 5"


9" (229mm)

Flow Series

RS Series

Engine Capacity

1.3L to 1.6L

Inlet Size

2" (51mm), 2.25" (2-1/4") (57mm), 2.5" (2-1/2") (63mm)

Sound Level


2 reviews for R555-MY

  1. Jason Chia

    THIS IS SO COOL! I never though my Myvi can have such V6 sounds before!
    Totally in love with it !

  2. Jason Chia

    Forget about counterfeit HKS , Forget about counterfeit JSRacing, Forget about the fake Akrapovic muffler! Let’s make this Max Racing Exhaust Vrommmm! !

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