BSW Oval Straight Flow Muffler – M103

RM 315.00RM 375.00

S/S oval straight flow universal muffler packed with high quality stainless steel wool, designed to achieve top notch performance & reduce unwanted sound frequency without compromising your engine performance. Extreme durability for long term usage.


*Able to generate deeper sound frequency compare to round BSW series.

Tested to withstand up to 1000 celsius degree.


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BSW Type Ressonator

The high performance resonator with low restriction straight through design. Maximised horsepower & offers deep tone rumble aggressive sounds. Extreme durability with high quality stainless steel packed.

Best recommend type for turbocharged vehicles.

Features & Benefits

• Straight-Thru Design.
• 100% Welded Construction.
• Polished Stainless Steel
• Oval Muffler Shape Available.
• Suitable for both NA & Turbocharged.
• Available in 2 Types of Baffle.

N/A engine with auto/manual transmission:

  • Inlet 1.75″→ 1.0L (1000cc) to 1.6L(1600cc)
  • Inlet 2″     → 1.7L (1700cc) to 2.0L(2000cc)
  • Inlet 2.25″→ 2.1L (2100cc) to 2.4L(2400cc)
  • Inlet 2.5″  → 2.5L (2500cc) to 4.6L(4600cc)
  • Inlet 3″     → 4.7L above or contact us

Turbocharged engine with auto/manual transmission:

  • Inlet 1.75″→ 1.0L (1000cc) to 1.2L (1200cc)
  • Inlet 2″     → 1.3L (1300cc) to 1.6L (1600cc)
  • Inlet 2.25″→ 1.7L (1700cc) to 1.9L (1900cc)
  • Inlet 2.5″  → 2.0L (1900cc) to 3.5L (3500cc)
  • Inlet 3″     → 3.6L (3600cc) above or modified, please contact us

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 56 × 14.4 × 14.4 cm

Max Racing Exhaust




Stainless Steel

Body Dimension

Oval 4" x 6"

Sound Level

Deep Tone Bassy Sound


13" (330mm), 16" (406mm)


Louvered Baffle, Perforated Baffle

Flow Series

Straight Flow

Inlet Dimension

1.75"(45mm), 2" (51mm), 2.25"(57mm), 2.5"(63mm), 3" (76mm)

Baffle Material

Aluminized steel




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