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Myvi Gen 3 & Bezza Stage 3 Package

$ 342.37

Stage 3 upgrade with 3 mufflers sound selection available. Choose the one you love the most to gain the Ultimate Power!

More upgrade for stage 3 plus is available now in

Suggested pipe size for this upgrade package:

1.3L (1NR-VE): 1-5/8″

1.5L (2NR-VE): 1.75″

In stock

Perodua Myvi Gen 3 & Bezza Intake System - Black Series

$ 142.86

M455-MY Straight Flow Resonator

$ 64.04
Longer length help further reduce the exhaust sound level.

Max Racing M110 x 12 - Silent Exhaust S Flow Muffler

$ 110.84

R500-MY G Flow Sport Muffler for 1.3L to 1.6L

$ 93.60

M155-MY h-Box Type Twin Sport Muffler

$ 125.62

R555-MY 5" Straight Flow Aggressive Muffler

$ 78.82


Exhaust sound & videos:

Exhaust sound video playlists.

Myvi Gen 3 Stage 3 Exhaust Sound

*Sound level is exactly same in video.

Myvi Gen 3 & Bezza 1.3L Stage 2 exhaust sound

*Videos was recorded using Myvi Icon 1.5L auto. Exhaust sound is exactly same on Perdua Beza 1.3L.

myvi 2018 dyno 19 hpmyvi 2018 dyno 29Nm

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20 years of expertise in performance car exhaust
development, production and supply.

Up to 6000+ model developed for different car in every condition.

Manufacturer-to-consumer shoppers get direct access to the most accurate information and support.

“And it’s guarantee authentic.”

  • – Gary Teo

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