4.5″ Hi Flow Catalytic Converter

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RM 500.00

Hi-flow catalytic converter for street race & daily driver. Stay green with more +horsepower.

  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Federal emissions compliant design.
  • Formulated for gas and diesel applications.
  • Seam welded close to the converter body for a strong, tight bond.
  • Made in Malaysia.

Closed to stock cat specification. Able to turn off precaution engine light for most car models due to over flow exhaust gases.
(Tips sharing: ECU remap/ tuning can switch off the precaution engine light, meanwhile, you will gain more power after removal of stock catalytic)

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Why us?

20 years of expertise in performance car exhaust
development, production and supply.

Up to 6000+ model developed for different car in every condition.

Manufacturer-to-consumer shoppers get direct access to the most accurate information and support.

β€œAnd it’s guarantee authentic.”

  • – Gary Teo

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Raw > Sketch > Craft > Engineered > Performance

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83 reviews for 4.5″ Hi Flow Catalytic Converter

  1. Iffan (verified owner)

    Very good quality

  2. Kaden Arabic (verified owner)

    Semalam order, hari ni sampai

  3. Matthew (verified owner)


  4. Phoenix Tan (verified owner)

    Barang smpai ,penghantaran yg cepat, packaging yg kemas, brng xde defect..

  5. Mateo (verified owner)

    It so nice

  6. Lucas (verified owner)

    Barang sampai cepat & performance bestt

  7. Charles (verified owner)

    purchased 10 for my workshop, very good feedback from my customer, coming back for another 20.

  8. Isaac (verified owner)

    I give 10 star!πŸ‘

  9. syazwan (verified owner)

    Solved my day!

  10. mohdsyazwan (verified owner)

    Nice seal!

  11. Noah (verified owner)

    friendly & responsible!

  12. Aishah (verified owner)

    love it so much

  13. Aishah (verified owner)

    power is good

  14. Shidan (verified owner)

    Barang terbaik puas hati

  15. Leon Tan (verified owner)

    Good quality, good product good value for money, excellent serve by seller

  16. Russel (verified owner)

    Puashati laa walaupun dua minggu tunggu sebab out of stock! power best lepas pasang!

  17. Nathaniel (verified owner)

    so far, no problem yet, just purchased another one for my car

  18. Mason (verified owner)

    Solved my day!

  19. mohdsyazwan (verified owner)

    The product is firmly packed.

  20. Sean (verified owner)

    terbaik bos! condition dapat tangan tip top macam remi ishak, beli hadiah untuk husband restore kete lama! thanks bos!delivery laju suapsapsuapsap!

  21. Arianna (verified owner)

    TQ Max Racing

  22. Harry (verified owner)

    Semalam order, hari ni sampai

  23. hamizan (verified owner)


  24. Roger (verified owner)

    barang terbaik!best and recommended seller, also assist in installation

  25. Eugene (verified owner)

    performance deliver in a Whaoo

  26. carbon_98 (verified owner)

    th power are nice

  27. Tyler Richard (verified owner)

    Item reach in very good condition, feel totally different for the power, very very satisfied

  28. Bob (verified owner)

    gud job!

  29. Hazer (verified owner)

    Paduikkk πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  30. Hayden (verified owner)

    I got one for my car and it work great!

  31. ril (verified owner)

    TQ Max Racing

  32. Sean (verified owner)

    Service excellent!

  33. Joe (verified owner)

    Item received well packed and no damage!πŸ‘

  34. Johnny (verified owner)

    Always been a fan of Max Racing Exhaust ever since I’ve entered the car scene. Recommended seller. Very responsive and is always willing to give you advice.

  35. Indeela (verified owner)

    Recommended, Power! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  36. depieda (verified owner)

    Barang terbaik puas hati

  37. Janice (verified owner)

    Shout out loud for Max Racing!

  38. Lisa (verified owner)

    Bravo Max Racing! Wish everyone could have this chance to try Max Racing on their car. It’s Super impressive!

  39. Jose (verified owner)

    Barang cantik & penghantaran cepat

  40. Anthony (verified owner)

    Barang terbaik puas hati

  41. Arianna (verified owner)

    I give 10 star!πŸ‘

  42. syazwan (verified owner)

    Barang cantik & penghantaran cepat

  43. Sean (verified owner)

    Power terbaik bos, rasa pickupnya datang tiap masa tekan minyak

  44. Jessica (verified owner)

    Nice seal!

  45. Anthony (verified owner)

    Barang cantik & penghantaran cepat

  46. Bradket (verified owner)

    item smpi dengn selamat, tq seller.

  47. Jeffrey Yacoob (verified owner)

    Semalam order, hari ni sampai

  48. Zane William (verified owner)

    Tq Box

  49. Najib Jabi (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and good wrap packing, nice seller

  50. Leon Tan (verified owner)

    power is good

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