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Lexus RC200T Exhaust Catback Upgrade

Got a sport car without the sport exhaust? 😴

Get Max Racing! We got you up 👍

Most car are come with silent exhaust system even it’s designed in sport , elegance look.

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Stock exhaust catback of Lexus RC200T

It’s boring with the silent right? No worries, Max Racing Exhaust are here to solve the mood. On this RC200T, we took of the original catback system, and added 2 unit BLR TECH RESONATOR , a Crossover X Pipe , Valvetronic Muffler on both side, and a pair of unequal 3.5″ dual tip in titanium blue color .

*How do we control the valvetronic muffler?

1) Normal Exhaust Valve Controller (remote controllable)

2) Flow Smart Exhaust Controller : Mobile APP Control (IOS & Android)

I’m not driving Lexus RC200T, but interesting to get Max Racing Exhaust upgrade for your car?

You may send us your car details in our live chat, our team you assist you to it. Cheers!

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