How to retrieve your Installation Voucher?

Do you know, when you purchase Max Racing Exhaust products from our official website, you will immediately granted an installation voucher for each product you purchase?

How to retrieve it? Where can we find our vouchers??

Just go to e-mail mailbox/ inbox for your check your order receipt, as show in the screenshot below.

Next, check the Downloads column, you will see a list of table showing the name of your purchased product, voucher expiry date & download. Click the “Voucher Download” as ↓↓↓

and your installation voucher will download automatically or preview with your browser/email.

Noted: Each installation voucher are unique voucher only for your redemption & only redeemable only once.

Where can I redeem my installation voucher???

Check out your nearby Max Racing Exhaust →→Authorised Dealer ←← , your installation voucher are only redeemable here! 😉