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Increase up to 15hp for Myvi?!

Learn more about these two dyno-tested system that increase up to 15 horsepower for your beloved Myvi!

✔️ Guarantee performance.

✔️ Trusted brand in Malaysia.

✔️ Street Performance System – Best for daily drive.

✔️ Ultimate System – Best for car enthusiast.
❤️ You will in love with your Perodua Myvi again!

We had prepared the pure sound of the exhaust systems for you to find out the best sound you love! So that you will make the right choice of decision. 😉

Street Performance System:

Want more power without losing fuel economy? Try our Street Performance System that will increase up to 10 horsepower! This system is designed for daily drive with moderate noise level. Boost your Myvi pick-up power smoothly. Providing the best comfort +horsepower experience.

street performance dyno graft hp

street performance dyno graft torque

Want more? Scroll down for more power 💥

Ultimate Performance System:

Dyno Proven!

15hp 1

ultimate system 20 Nm

✔️ Actual on-wheel result.

✔️ No ECU mod required to reach 15hp! (what if I’d mod? Answer: it will be higher than 15hp! 🔥🔥🔥)

  • USgen 1
    From RM 1,360.00 Read more
  • SPSgen 1
    From RM 550.00 Read more
  • USgen 1
    From RM 550.00 Read more
  • Product 1 1Product 4
    RM 550.00RM 650.00 Select options
  • SPSSPSn R555 MY
    From RM 740.00 Read more

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  1. Hi I m new …. I own a myvi 2018 .. and planning to upgrade the horse power … plz advice or can contact me 0176846868

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