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Max Racing Exhaust Flow Smart v2

Empower yourself with real-time instrument updates & control your car exhaust sound on your smartphone.

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Interactive Instrument

Showing you real time data of the vehicle with mode control of exhaust sound.


All you need in a screen
Simplified control for mode change at a glance.

dashboard rpm

Auto Mode RPM Control
Programmable function for the auto mode to trigger the Race Mode on your own preference. It can be the best solution to overcome the low boost & low pickup response issue before the boost kick-in. Just tap on it to start tuning whenever you wish to change it.

dashboard dly time

Delay Control
Limit the delay time when to close when RPM run below the programmed range based on your personal driving method. Always ready for the next acceleration.


Max Racing Exhaust Flow-Smart Version 2 exhaust valve control application.
Max Racing Exhaust App is the best way to engage and experience life in motion. Empower yourself with real-time instrument updates & control your car exhaust sound on your smartphone & wireless remote controls.
Easy to use with connectivity to Max Racing Exhaust valve system.
*This application only supports Max Racing Exhaust 3 modes exhaust valve controller with OBDII module plugged in the car.


• Race Mode.
• Eco Mode.
• Auto Mode.
• Speed meter real-time data.
• Rpm real-time data.
• Water temperature data.
• Intake temperature data.
• Memorized program.

Application Privacy

Data Not Collected

The developer does not collect any data from this app.

Application Permission

Please enable Bluetooth & location permission for basic function connectivity during the use of application. No worry, we do not collect them.

Application Information


42.1 MB




Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Requires Android 7 or later.
English, Simplified Chinese
Age Rating4+
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