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2022 CNY scaled

Happy New Year 2022

2021 has finally come to an end! The past year has been a great ride that was filled with surprises and shocks. All of us had our share of joy, sorrows, love and animosity. After a year of smiles, tears, laughter, health, sickness and most importantly, another year of the pandemic, we are finally entering […]

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Grab your horsepower & PayLater in 4 month.

Paying bills with instalment is the trend now. But do you know, you can now pay your horsepower upgrade without even need physical credit /debit card with up to 4 month interest free instalment?

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0% Interest 12 month Installment plan for ANY horsepower ?!

Berita baik kepada semua peminat Max Racing Exhaust, kerana anda kini boleh membeli barang secara ansuran menggunakan 0% interest credit card installment plan selama 12-bulan. Nikmatilah hobi modifikasi kereta anda dengan mudah dan dapati produk yang lebih berkuasa & berquality dengan Max Racing Exhaust! Tiada Deposit Deposit RM0 Membenarkan anda hanya memiliki apa-apa produk yang [...]

New Myvi & Bezza Upgrade

3 stage ultimate upgrade system that maximized Perodua Myvi Gen 3 and Bezza performance to the next level.

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