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Partner & Affiliate Program Kickstart Tutorial

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The Max Racing Exhaust Partnership & Affiliate Programme is a free initiative where sellers, influencers and marketers can earn extra incentives for every completed order made via their personalised Affiliate/ Referral link.

Benefits of the Affiliate Programme:

  1. Zero cost to join the programme.
  2. Convert your fans & viewer into more conversive income.
  3. Earn additional cash incentives for all completed orders via the Affiliate referer link. The orders can be made from all products at with no limitation on which countries the customers are from,
  4. No limits on monthly cash incentives payout.

Dashboard Tutorial

This tutorial video will show you step-by-step of each function in the Max Racing Exhaust partnership program dashboard. (Affiliate)


00:00:00 Max Racing Partnership Program Tutorial

00:00:15 You Need To Register/Login to an Account

00:00:30 Account Verification (To facilitate future payment statements) 00:01:04 Fill In Account Payout Detail

00:01:26 How To Get Your Affiliate Link

00:02:02 How To Get The Report And Data

00:02:16 Where To See Your Earning

00:02:27 How To Redeem Your Earning Amount And Cash Out

00:02:46 Where To Get The Materials Link

00:03:18 Where To Get The Products Link

How to earn as an Affiliate/ Referral:

The Partnership Programme & Affiliate Programme ONLY takes into account completed orders from any product on after buyers click the affiliate link/referral link within 30 days.

Cash incentives are processed on a monthly basis, and will be released the following month (i.e. completed orders made in September 2022 will be credited to your account Balance in October 2022).

Max Racing reserves the right to disregard certain orders from the cash incentives calculation IF orders are found to have infringed any of the below:

  1. Incomplete payments;
  2. Incomplete orders (i.e. return and refund, non-payment, order forgery, fraud, etc.)

The Partnership Programmer / Affiliate Programme also uses Last Click Attribution to determine who will receive the cash incentives from a link that has been shared, especially when a buyer has accessed several Affiliate/ Referral links at once. The illustration below provides an explanation of the mechanics of how Last Click Attribution works.

To summarise Affiliate/ Referral has to fulfil these criteria in order to earn incentives from orders within that month:

  1. The buyer’s last touchpoint must come from your Affiliate/ Referral link (last-click attribution). If the buyer clicks on other affiliate links/referral links afterwards, the incentive will belong to the other affiliate members.
  2. Buyers have to make a purchase within 30 days of clicking on your Affiliate/Referral link.
  3. The orders must be checked out within that month in order to receive your incentive payout of that order in the following month. If the order is only checked out in the following month, your incentive payout for that particular month will be brought forward to the subsequent month.
  4. Orders must have completed payment and did not violate any fraudulent criteria.

Incentive Rate Table

There are different incentive rates applied for different ranking partners & affiliate members. Please contact your account manager if your rank is not written in the table below.

There is no cap on the monthly incentives payout for partners & affiliate members. However, do note that the currency conversion & bank charges may be incurred for non-Malaysian payout bank accounts.

Incentives rates

When and how is the payment processed?

Here are the steps on how the payment process works:

1. Conversion Report 

  1. Orders are tracked when buyers make a purchase on using your unique Affiliate/ Referral link.
  2. Orders are tracked on a monthly basis.
  3. Order conversions will be reflected in the Dashboard a day after the purchase is made.

2. Sales Validation (21 Days of Processing)

  1. The system will conduct fraud checks and update the Order Status generated from the last 2 months.
  2. This process is important to ensure the orders made by your buyers are successful and legitimate.

3. Net Payout Summary (7 Days of Processing)

  1. The net payout summary and report will be shown in the Dashboard.
  2. Max Racing will proceeds to process the payment.

4. Payment (5 Days of Processing)

  1. The Payment status under In Progress will be updated to Paid under Dashboard once the payment is successfully processed.
  2. The Paid payment status means the payout has been transferred to your Payout selected method & account.
  3. The payout for the previous month’s orders will be credited at the start of the following month.

Billing under the payment section reports on your eligible monthly earnings.

The billing shows the net commission (before validation) and monthly budget cap (if any). You may also upload invoices for payment processing if necessary.

* Please noted that affiliate accounts that are not verified & no payout details provided will not be credited with any incentive payout.

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